Friday, April 18, 2008

Never too young to stamp!

My 20 month old granddaughter is a delight and the joy of my life. She has such an imagination. About 2 months ago I was visiting her and my daughter. We were in my daughter's stampin' room making cards. She loves to stamp with us. She gets up on a little green stool and pretends to use glue runners and stamps. She soon realized that we were actually stamping with the stamps and wanted ink on her stamps. I asked her if she wanted to make papa a card. She nodded her head and brought her markers to me. I helped her write her name and she scribbled all over the card. I tried to fold it up and she wouldn't let me. She kept saying stickers, stickers. I didn't think she had any stickers but she did. It was the leftovers from a book of USPS stamps. She stuck those all over her card and then helped me fold it. She was so proud of her self. Here is OJ's card, I thouhgt I would be the first to publish her work. I even thought about offering to do a stamp camp using her very special designs. Everyone will want to come, don't you think.